Michelle Cole


Welcome to my webpage! My Name is Missy Michelle Cole. I am a new Southern Gospel Music Artist. My recent CD titled, "The River" is now available for purchase. I want to start out by giving all the Praise, Glory, and Honor to my Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done for me and is continueing to do in my life. And I want to thank Him for all the doors He has opened for me and is opening up for me and thank you God for closing all those doors that were and are not of you. Thank you God for allowing me to be your voice, your mouth piece, and your hands and your feet to spread your Word to the lost, hurting, drug addict, prostitute on the street, the begger on the street, the broken, the ones that have been rejected & forsaken by others. God I ask that your annointing flow through me and the message I sang in the songs that you give me and penetrate to the heart of your people. And may they leave changed forever because of your love for them being shown through your Word in song. God I fully surrender my all to be your servant to reach the lost at any cost. To spread your Word in song, preaching, and teaching as the Holy Spirit leads. I want to be a Vessel of Honor! I want my light to so shine that others may see the God in me. And as I pass by them not because of me or anything I have done, but only by the annointing of the Holy Ghost and the Presence of God they will recieve you God as their personal Lord & Savior. I want to see miracles, signs, and wonders! The lame to walk. The dumb to talk. The blind to see! I just want more, more and more of you Lord! More of You!